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We are making digital microfluidics mainstream with the precision and accuracy of pico-liter droplets

What we do

Pico Dispensing

  • Bio dispensing, assay miniaturization, automated liquid handling, drug discovery and personalized diagnostics
  • Precision cell handling and deposition, 3D Life Sciences
  • Microarrays, spotting, functionalization, synthesis and diagnostic manufacturing

CMOS, Integrated Module Design

  • Lab-on-a-chip application of sample preparation and analysis
  • Integrated Point-of-care Diagnostic Chip and System design
  • Active fluid pumping and various sensing modality circuits multiplexing under the microfluidics

Low-cost, high Volume Manufacturing

  • GMP certified facility
  • From inkjet microfluidic chip concept, to prototype, validation and mass production
  • Full system integration – silicon chip, mechanical design, electronics, software and application demonstration

Our Goal

At Funai Microfluidics, we strive to make digital microfluidics mainstream through the precision and accuracy of pico-liter droplets. We apply low-cost, scalable, silicon CMOS microfluidics technologies and commercialize through high volume production systems and supply chains. In partnerships with you we aim to address the growing global need for miniaturization, automation, precision and personalization in the healthcare and consumer sectors.

Products and Services

Funai’s inkjet microfluidic platform for digital biology.

Automation, throughput, assay miniaturization, cost, portability, and experimental flexibility are key requirements for improving the productivity and quality of data from an experiment while also enabling the researcher to creatively explore new assays.  We have repurposed our patented thermal inkjet technology and system integration capabilities to create a novel bio printing platform for life sciences research, molecular and clinical diagnostics. A broad dispense volume dynamic range, ability to accurately handle various fluid types and a portable modular design are attributes of this precision liquid handling platform. The core technology powering this system is a silicon microfluidic chip with a dense array of micron sized channels, nozzles and thermal sensors. Because of this we have the ability to isolate, analyze, incubate and dispense fluids down to the level of a single cell.

Various cartridge types for handling different samples and reagents

Fluid volume ranging from few µL to mL can be added directly to the cartridge prior to precision dispensing.

Typical microfluidic silicon chip architecture

Typical microfluidic silicon chip architecture

Image of a silicon, CMOS microfluidic dispense chip with memory, thermal control and an array of nozzles to precisely dispense fluids on various substrates. Different chip designs are available for spotting, functionalization, assay development, sample preparation, drug screening, on-chip application as well as dispensing single cells.

A typical high nozzle density chip packaged in a cartridge

A fully packaged silicon, CMOS microfluidic chip capable of containing fluids up to several mL and for handling samples. Different cartridge types are available for handling various fluid types (blood, cells, proteins, DNA) and fluid volumes (µL - mL).

Pico-liter sized droplets ejected from a nozzle at high frequency

Fluid is “digitized” into discrete pico-liter sized droplets and dispensed on a substrate. Shown here are 5pL droplets in flight, emerging on-demand, from an array of nozzles on the silicon microfluidic chip. With the appropriate design parameters each droplet encapsulates a single cell.

10 nl spots at the bottom of 384 wellplate

Precision dispensing in wellplates.

10 nL spots printed simultaneously from all 4 heads on a transparency overlaid on a 1536 wellplate. A 1536 wellplate can be completed in 3 minutes depending on the volume per well.

Microarrays on a slide

Microarrays and nanoliter sized reaction wells can be created on glass slides or other substrates with each spot being addressable by all fluids

High volume manufacturing

Funai’s high volume, low-cost manufacturing capabilities. From concept to prototype then validation and high volume production in less than a year. Funai is a global leader in high volume manufacturing of consumer electronics devices with a capacity of over 10M devices and systems per year. Visit Funai Corp.

Typical Design and Performance Specifications

Product Demonstrations

Depositing 20nL on coated paper, 384 wellplate format.

Depositing 20nL in a 1536 format


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